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Personal Injury

Any mental anguish or physical injury suffered from the intentional or negligent act of another party gives you a right to damages for your pain and suffering, lost income, rehabilitative costs and other out of pocket expenses. The most common situation we handle is motor vehicle accidents and we know how to examine all the different riders and endorsements of your own insurance as well as the third party’s insurance to cover every angle. We also handle slip and falls, dangerous equipment accidents, falling structures and insurance and disability claims.

We take it on and do not charge or collect fees until you receive the compensation you deserve. What we are looking for is a fair result for all victims and their families from the negligent action of another. We know personal injury and we are result oriented. It the case cannot be settled, we have the ability and the know how to take it to trial.

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Real estate

Whether it’s your first home, or the latest in your plan, don’t leave the terms of your agreement uncertain and your closing date left to chance and frustration. We simplify the paperwork associated with mortgages and re-financing. Contact us for clarity and take comfort in knowing that our real estate team will handle all the legal aspects with ease and guide you through any unexpected issues that may arise.

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New Home and Turnkey Construction

We regularly advise contractors and individuals in drafting their home building and home renovation contracts to clarify the parties’ rights and obligations to minimize the disputes and assist in timely completion. We are familiar with common requests by banks and municipalities so don’t get caught with unexpected issues for your mortgage advance or your occupancy permit.

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Civil Litigation and Disputes

Our lawyers are currently handling a full range of civil disputes that include wrongful dismissal, corporate and commercial litigation, property and boundary disputes, and contractual disputes. No dispute is too big or too small to be handled efficiently and effectively by our lawyers.

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Family Law

While you are going through the toughest time of your life, you need someone with the sensitivity and compassion to understand your challenges and ensure that your rights are protected. We always ensure that your best interest is at the forefront of our family law representation. Don’t accept anything less.

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Defence of Criminal Code & Other Offences

You are innocent until proven guilty. Ensure that you get fair and proper representation. Our lawyers have handled criminal trials and appeals at all levels of court throughout the province. We fight to ensure your innocence and guarantee due process under the law.

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Labour and Employment

We typically spend more of our waking hours at work than we do at home (or anywhere else). And your job is your primary source of financial stability.

Clarity is key when drafting employment contracts; we draft agreements for employers in retail, professional and service industries. We also advise employees prior to signing new contracts.

Sometimes the employment relationship breaks down and someone is to blame for taking advantage or abusing the rights of others. Come get advice to ensure you are doing the right thing if you are an employer; and that your statutory and common law notice periods are being respected if you are an employee. We handle labour arbitrations in a unionized context. Wrongful dismissals can be a confusing matter for an employee. We work toward a positive result for the client.

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Fisheries and Wildlife Offences

The regulation of the commercial fishery has become increasingly complicated. Don’t plead guilty because the prosecutor seems to be offering a good deal and it’s a first offence. Ensure you get clear advice and know your rights. Don’t jeopardize your ability to earn a living.

Charges in recreational hunting and fishery takes all the pleasure out of these activities and can lead to restrictions on holding a license for years and loss of your gear, gun, ATV and even your truck and you can’t get your belongings back after they’ve been ordered away by the court because you never sought our thorough representation.

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Corporate Law

If you have scoped out your latest venture or want to actualize your lifelong dream, the corporate structure you choose could make or break the success of your enterprise. Our experience with a broad base of clients including private companies, commercial enterprises and entrepreneurs enables us to guide you in the right direction and get you started down the right path.

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Whether you are selling your lifetime’s achievement or purchasing your first business, we have the knowledge to take you from beginning to end of the process. We have represented Moms and Pops buying or selling corner store operations, commercial fishermen in buying and selling fishing licenses, boats and gear, and clients selling multimillion dollar enterprises.

In addition, our practice has provided both individuals and business clients with legal representation and advice including commercial financing, incorporations, leasing and shareholder agreements, succession planning, restructuring and services for countless other commercial situations.

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Land Development and Contractors

Our current practice involves a variety of real estate and land development, with particular emphasis on subdivision development. Our knowledge can assist you from initial land acquisition and financing to development and lot sales and arrangements with municipalities.

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Estate Planning

Protecting your hard earned assets and ensuring your loved ones are taken care of is much more than simply a will. There are a myriad of choices and decisions to be made to ensure you are protected in your golden years and that your wealth is optimally distributed to the next generation once you’ve passed while minimizing the tax payable.

The amount it costs to have us help you with all these decisions is nominal compared to the risk you take without proper planning.

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Estates and Probate and Administration

When a loved one or a family member has passed away, the probate of their estate is much more than filling out a few forms that you can print online and file at the court. There are real financial obligations and lasting legal implications. Don’t rely on material you read online or heard from the family accountant or the neighbourly know-it-all. Come see us to guide you along the way.

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Intellectual Property

We are trademark and patent agents. We have access to the specialized services of a trademark and patent lawyer who can ensure your inspiration is secured. We serve as agents to clearly communicate advice and facilitate a timely registration.

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Administrative Law, Boards and Tribunals

Whether it’s CPP disability, EI appeals, or the Regional Appeal Board, we fight to get clients fair consideration. We also represent professionals such as accountants and nurses before their professional licensing bodies to protect their hard earned credentials.

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